General CTF rules for ECSC 2016

National team is made up of up to 10 contestants, 1-2 coaches and a jury member.

Contestants should be top participants from the national challenge.

How national challenge is arranged is totally up to each nation, however, participation should be nationwide, i.e. not limited by region, belonging to specific institution etc.

There are junior and senior contestants.

Junior contestants aged 14-19, seniors 20-30 years.

There may be maximum 10 contestants in team, including maximum 5 seniors.

The contestants may not have (finished) Masters degree (or equivalent) in a Science, Technology, Engineering or Math (STEM) area.

The contestants may not have full time employment in security area.

The cutoff date for above is the beginning of national competition.

At the times other than challenge execution, the coach is responsible for well-being and behaviour of contestants and making sure that essential information reaches its recipients and is understood and acted upon.

Coach & Trainer of the Cyber Talents

During the CTF final challenge, the coach will be physically separated from the team players. Communication between coach and team is on open channel at all times i.e. within clear earshot of other coaches and limited to non-technical, general level e.g.:

  • Suggesting priorities.
  • Reporting challenge status (but not technical details or hints)
  • General logistics assistance


Each participating country has to pay a challege fee of 6000€ to the organizing entity of the final. The money is being used by the organizing entity for covering local transportation, accommodation, meals and social events for the teams. Flights to the country where the final is being played is not covered with the participation fee. This must be funded by the teams on their own.

Code of Conduct

Both players and the jury are expected to fully embrace principles of good sportsmanship - to compete fairly, to judge by merit and to not try to exploit the game system or the rules in unintended ways. Whenever the latter is not obvious, jury should be consulted before any action taken.

Current Rules


Welcome to Germany!

The 2016 ECSC final will be held in Dusseldorf, Germany on 7-10 November 2016.

Svenja Schulze
Minister for Innovation, Science and Research of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia

The European Cyber Security Challenge gives young talents an opportunity to pitch their IT security prowess against their peers in a friendly competition.
Their skills are urgently needed, if we want to tackle the digital revolution. (...)

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